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Note: If you haven't read the general description of our telescopic shafts and clubs here, it is an important foundation for the following information.

Divnick Wedges

On our main Telescopic Page, we describe how drivers and putters are the extremes in terms of length, weight, shape, and purpose. The Whole-In-One Adjustable can't do those jobs as well because it is most like an iron. In fact, it is the size, weight, and length of a 4-iron, so it isn't as heavy, large, or short as a wedge. The Adjustable can replicate more than 10 wedge lofts and it is is versatile at close range, but it doesn't cut through thick grass or sand as well as a wedge.

This page focuses on wedges for those who want a more traditional feel and performance in their wedge play. They have telescopic shafts, and are also available with one-piece shafts for those who aren't concerned with portability.

We offer the following wedge lofts in both right and left-handed, except for the 68-degree which is not available as a leftie. The 56-degree is the most popular and we normally have it in stock. The 52, 60, 64, and 68 lofts are an additional $10


Yes, you read that correctly...our highest loft is a whopping industry highest 68 degrees with NO bounce. This club allows you to pick the ball off the grass when you don't have much green to work with, take the fringe out of play, and plop it right next to the hole where it stops on a dime...WITHOUT having to "open the face" by rotating the head sideways! It is really fun to play with, but it takes some courage, practice, and skill to use that much loft.

Our most popular sand wedge has 56 degrees of loft and 16 degrees of sole bounce. That combination makes it very easy to get the ball out of the sand without sculls, chunks, or fliers. With this model, you can hit down into the sand well-behind the ball and let the sole bounce and loft launch the ball out of the sand WITH BACKSPIN and stop it next to the pin.

"I love my new Divnick Wedge. I can take the rough and fringe out of play and stick it right next to the pin. My wife should be jealous!"

Dave Evans, Kettering Ohio


I have always struggled out of the sand with my 52-degree Cleveland. Now I know why. It only has 6 degrees of sole bounce that seems to dig into the sand too aggressively. I have to hit the sand perfectly to get the ball out when I have a normal lie. But when the lie is poor, or when I have to carry a lot of sand or green, I never know how hard to swing or how far back from the ball to make contact with the sand. But with your 56-degree Divnick Wedge with that miraculous 16 degrees of bounce, I can trust my instincts a lot more easily. I actually aim to hit the sand twice as far back from the ball as before (about 4 inches total), and it increases my margin of error so I almost NEVER mis-hit. My buddies think I went to a short game golf school. Thanks for designing a club for my imperfect swing and aging bones!

Jim Rawson, Golf Instructor


Length: Our standard Wedge length is 36 inches (91.4cm). Custom lengths are available upon request.


We just got back from our first trip using our new Divnick travel clubs. We flew to Wisconsin and played the "House on the Rock Resort" course. We each loved having only 4 lightweight, telescopic clubs. It was unseasonably cold in the 30's and 40's, so we were pretty bundled up. But we were on vacation, the sun was out, and we had a great time. Everyone in the clubhouse was amazed by our clubs!

John and Honey




Earn the entire cost back just by showing it to your friends and people you meet on the course!

Most of our sales are a result of satisfied customers telling their friends and demonstrating it on the course (it's a great way to pay for your green's fees!). For every new golf club customer that you refer to us during the first year, we will send you a $25 rebate! It is our way of saying thank you for spreading the word. Just ask them to type your name in the Comment Box when they place their order.


Ordering $149 in May

See our satisfaction and lifetime warranty here.

The normal cost for our Divnick Wedges is $169 with a two-piece telescopic shaft, minus $20 if you get it with a one-piece steel shaft.

Special May Discount: Until the last day of May, you can get Divnick Wedges for a $20 discount which takes the price down to $149 ($129 for a non-telescopic shaft). And we take another 10% off if you order 3 or more clubs! ($149 - 10% = $134.10)

****These discounts expire at midnight on the last day of May ****

Call: If you prefer to order by phone or have any questions, please call 1-937-476-1298. Hours are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern USA (same as New York Time).


May Special 3-Club Set Discount

Telescopic Golf ClubsOrder ANY 3 or more clubs and get an additional 10% Discount!

Most Popular 3-Club-Set

While the "Whole-In-One Divnick Adjustable Club" can play the whole game, it is most like an iron. As a 4-iron length, it can't generate as much club-head speed as a driver. And it is the most unlike a putter in terms of length, shape, weight, and feel. So most people who get additional telescopic clubs get our "Tee & Fairway" Driver, and a Telescopic-Putter to go with their Adjustable. With these 3 clubs, you can bomb it off the tee and hit long fairway shots with the TF Driver, replicate all your irons and wedges with the Adjustable, and putt with a normal length and feel with a Telescopic Putter...and they all fit into a checked roller bag so you don't have to pay all that money to the airlines to check a full golf bag! Remember, "Our Clubs Fly Free!"

If you place your order in May for the Adjustable, TF Driver, and Putter (or any 3 clubs) we will give you an additional 10% discount on the total product cost. That's in ADDITION to the individual May discounts which are significant. This discount will also apply to a Sunday Bag, and any other additional clubs you order at the same time.


World's Longest Driver

When we say "Big Stik" we mean really BIG STIK! It is 5-Feet long and has a massive DOUBLE SIZE head! It can hit the ball out of sight! Of course, it is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL!

Designed for Outing Fund Raising...and the golfer who "thinks" he has everything!

Click here to read more about this unique exhibition driver.

If you participate in any charity golf outings, we have a turn-key package that easily raises over $1,000 using this club on one of the holes where everyone gets to try it. Click here to read about the fund-raising program.


World's Longest Driver