$150 May Charity Discount Coupon Request for BIG STIK(s)

Submitting this form before the end of May qualifies you for an additional $150 charity discount dropping your cost from $399 down to $249.

Instructions: Copy and paste the contents of the box below into an email and send it to sales@divnick.com. Click here if you don't know how to Copy and Paste.

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BIG STIK $150 Charity Coupon Request

(Please copy and paste the above title into the subject line of your email if it isn't automatically there)

1) How did you hear about the BIG STIK? Thank you for being as specific as possible to help us know the best ways to get the word out.

(explain here...)


2) The FROM address of this email must include the charity website name. If that is not possible, please explain and provide evidence this request is from a charity or a non-profit project.


(explain here, if necessary)


3) Please include a link to your website announcement and information about your outing, and/or attach a brochure or other documentation about your outing.


(website address here)


4) By submitting this Charity Pricing Request, I agree to include the following phrase on our website where we describe the BIG STIK Contest, in printed material that is handed out to our players, in press releases where the contest is described, and other places where possible.


The World's Longest Driver is manufactured by www.DivnickGolf.com which offers a variety of telescopic clubs, including the “Whole-In-One Adjustable loft Golf Club that lets you play the whole game with one club that fits into a small bag for storage and travel. DIVNICK CLUBS FLY FREE!


5) By submitting this email request, we agree to send you the results after our event…including how much money we raised with the driver(s). We will also do our best to take a picture of the person who hit the BIG STIK the farthest on the contest hole posing with the driver, and any interesting comments or anecdotes from our event. By sending these to you, we give permission for you to post them for public view.


6) If we offer a BIG STIK in our auction, we will do our best to a picture of the winner with their driver and send that to you. Do you plan to offer a BIG STIK in your auction?


(yes or no here)


7) If we make a video of the contest hole shots and/or driving range practice swings, we will do our best to send you a copy or link to the YouTube location if we publish it.


8) How many BIG STIK's at the Charity Price of $249 each do you want for your upcoming outing?


(quantity here)


9) Please add your name, title, and the best telephone number to reach you below, along with any other comments or questions.


(contact information and comments here...)


Send to sales@divnick.com

If you prefer to print and mail it, you can send it to DivnickGolf, Attn: Charity Pricing Request, 321 Alexandersville Road, Miamisburg OH 45342

Thank you.

We will reply quickly with the $150 Charity Coupon Discount Code, or contact you if we have any questions..

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