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"This is Winter Golf in East Tennessee. The temperature is in the 30's but I'm loving golf on my ebike. It is so much more fun than riding in a sit-down cart. I can ride straight to my ball, get my yardage, take some practice swings, and play ready golf. Pivoting the bag carrier into the kick stand mode is fast, and is great on hills. It holds my bike on the steepest terrain. Many guys ask if it is hard to balance with the bag on one side of my bike? I tell them I can't even tell it's back there, even with a regular cart bag and 13 clubs. I have a basket on the opposite side with my golf stuff, range finder, water, sand towel, scorecard etc.

"I got the bike because I have foot issues. Although the throttle has plenty of power by itself, I love the freedom of riding and getting as much exercise as I want."

Joe Grant, Tennessee USA





“Once you get acclimated to using the bag carrier/ kick stand, you will marvel at its function. There is a very short period required to master its use (you should have it by the end of the first few holes) but once you “get it” it becomes as simple as loading your golf bag on a golf cart. Friends (golfers and non-golfers alike) are amazed at the function of the carrier/stand. It easily attaches to the bike and your golf bag is easily secured to the stand. It's as simple as 'Get off the bike, Tilt the stand, Pick a club, Hit the shot, and Get back on the bike.' I love this golf bike and bag carrier!”

Rod Brecheisen, North Carolina USA, (70 years old, 5 handicap from white tees)



"I want you to know how pleased I am with your Auto-Tilt Golf Bag Carrier. I thought it might make it difficult to balance since it is hanging on the side of the bike, but balancing is automatic. I can't even feel it. Before getting your carrier, I used a tow-behind 2-wheel cart, but it was tippy, noisy, and I had to put my bike's kick stand up and down between every shot which was a real hassle, especially on uneven ground. Your bag-carrier-as-kick-stand feature is fast and stable. It works smoothly and is quiet. When other golfers see me pull up to my ball and lean the bike over against the bag, then see it auto-tilt back when I take off, they want to take a closer look.

"My RadRunner ebike with your bag carrier has given me the opportunity to continue to play golf when I thought I might have to give up the game. As an added bonus, I can ride my bike to and from the course which saves on gas. My home course has several steep hills and I just can't walk the 18 holes any more. But I do still want to get some exercise while I play, and using a sit-down cart doesn't provide that. My ebike with pedal assist is the perfect solution. I get just as much exercise as I can handle, and that is good for my health, and will keep me playing the game I love for many more years.

"If the exercise, speed, and convenience wasn't enough, I've crunched the numbers and it will pay for itself in 1 or 2 years just in cart-rental savings. That might not be exciting news for golf courses, but I am paying them green fees, and a lot more often than if I had to rent a cart, and hopefully for a lot more years.

"Thank you for your great invention and service."

Oakley Smith, Dayton Ohio USA



"Thank you for this product. It is perfect. I am well known at my local municipal golf course and everyone stops me to talk about it. The installation was easy and the bag carrier works perfectly. I also shot my all-time lowest score my first round out on the bike! It's a winner!

"I am glad you made it so it could be mounted on either side because I have a knee issue that makes it easier for me to get on and off on the right side. In fact, I like being able to get smooth exercise while playing golf. Walking is too difficult, and sitting in a soft seat on a cart is not exercise. The ebike is a perfect in-between option.

"There are five Aurora City courses, and I ride my bike to and from the closest one which is a convenient way to get in a quick 9 or 18 holes. It saves time, is great for the environment and is the best way to squeeze in a quick round after work. I think this will change the way people play golf. Well done.”

David Capece, Aurora Colorado USA




Bag Carrier MSRP $249Only $199 if purchased in November . Fits on all ebikes with a rear rack, even tall 26 inch bikes. The kit includes the Bag Carrier Frame and tie-down cords, Mounting Brackets and hardware to secure to your bike rack, and a rubber bumper that attaches to your axle to keep the bag carrier away from your brake assembly. The Fiberglass Reinforced Rubber Mudguard for front fenders is optional ($10) and highly recommended so you don't "take the golf course home with you!" You can see all these parts on the Instructions Page.

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