Our goal is to get several thousand petition forms to demonstrate to golf courses that there are a lot of us who want to spend money at their courses! All they have to do is welcome us. You don't have to own an ebike to submit this form. Every golfer that wants to help speed up play can join us. This form does NOT collect your email address.


Please invite your golfing friends to join us in this Petition of Support by sending an email to them with something like this:

We all want to help speed up the game. Ebikes are a great way to do that. We just need to help nudge the golf course managers to welcome those with ebikes. Please join me and add your support on https://divnickgolf.com/ebikes/petition.html. You don't need to own an ebike to do this...we need as many golfers as possible to sign it.


Thank you.


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Prices & Ordering

Heybike Rangers - Marked down in from $2,168 to $1,299

Bag Carriers - Marked down in from $249 to $199

Bonus - If you purchase a Heybike Ranger in , we will give you an additional $25 off the purchase of a Bag Carrier AND a $50 discount coupon toward the purchase of any of our telescopic golf clubs purchased at the same time or within a year.


The bag carrier fits on all ebikes with a rear rack, even tall bikes with 26 and 29 inch wheels. The kit includes the Bag Carrier Frame and tie-down cords, Mounting Brackets and hardware to secure to your bike rack, and a rubber bumper that attaches to your axle to keep the bag carrier away from touching your brake assembly. The Fiberglass Reinforced Rubber Mudguard for front fenders is optional ($10) and highly recommended so you don't "take the golf course home with you!" You can see all these parts on the Instructions Page.

Shipping - The ebikes ship free in from the Heybike warehouse in California to the Lower 48 States and we ship the Bag Carriers and Clubs from our factory in Ohio. Inquire about shipping to other locations.

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