Golf Bag Carriers for Ebikes

Turn your ebike into the best single rider device for golf
with our universal-fit auto-tilt quick-attach bag carrier!


This was our first prototype video. See the video further down this page about the new "Universal Quick-Attach Carrier"



DivnickGolf 's auto-tilt golf bag carrier can be attached to any ebike with a rear rack. It tilts out into a stable kick-stand angle, and automatically pivots back to the upright riding position. The golf industry is in a long slump of declining rounds-played (notwithstanding the "Covid-Bounce" that has temporarily increased rounds-played). One of the major reasons for the declining industry is the length of time it takes to play a round of golf. If everyone had their own single-rider device, they could go straight to their own ball which would speed the game up considerably.

There is a worldwide golf-industry challenge to develop the best single-rider device. DivnickGolf believes ebikes are the best option for many reasons. There are already over one million ebikes in America, and a lot more than that in Europe and Asia. Ebike sales are growing exponentially as they become more and more common, and more affordable! Our Golf Bag Carriers turn ebikes into a fantastic way to speed up the game.



"Now I can combine two of my favorite things:


John Langhorn, Florida


The following 3-minute video is a quick look at the features of the new Universal Quick Attach Golf Bag Carrier. It is still in the middle of the winter in Ohio, so we filmed it inside our factory. Professional on-course videos will be made when the weather warms up. You can enlarge the video by clicking the square box in the bottom right corner, then after the video, click your Esc button to come back to this page.


"This is Winter Golf in East Tennessee. The temperature is in the 30's but I'm loving golf on my ebike. It is so much more fun than riding in a sit-down cart. I can ride straight to my ball, get my yardage, take some practice swings, and play ready golf. Tilting the bag carrier into the kick stand mode is fast, and is great on hills. It holds my bike on the steepest terrain. Many guys ask if it is hard to balance with the bag on one side of my bike? I tell them I can't even tell it's back there, even with a regular cart bag and 13 clubs. I have a basket on the opposite side with my golf stuff, range finder, water, sand towel, scorecard etc.

"I got the bike because I have foot issues. Although the throttle has plenty of power by itself, I love the freedom of riding and getting as much exercise as I want."

Joe Grant, Tennessee
(We want to thank Joe for being one of our on-course testing customers)


Prices and Ordering

MSRP $249Introductory Pre-production price before March 31 is $199. First deliveries expected in early April

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