DivnickGolf eBike
Prototype Development Review

Last Updated: September 18, 2020

DivnickGolf is developing an electric peddle-assist folding bike as its entry into the single-rider challenge! The golf industry is in a 10 year slump of declining rounds-played which is the leading indicator of golf industry health. One of the major reasons for fewer rounds is the length of time it takes to play. If everyone had their own cart, they could go straight to their own ball which would speed up the game considerably. There is a challenge to develop the best single-rider device, and DivnickGolf is at the forefront of that contest.

Click here or on the picture to see a 30 second Youtube video. It shows me riding the first prototype eBike and tilting bag carrier. The photos further below show the updated aluminum bag carrier.

This page will discuss the following topics


Industry pressure toward single rider options

At last year's PGA Show in Orlando Florida, there were 5 companies introducing single-rider devices. There will be more this year and each subsequent year. They come in many shapes and styles. They have 2, 3, or 4 tires. Some are sit-down, some are stand-up. They include modified 4-wheel ATV's, 2-wheel self-balancing devices, and modified mobility carts. As you can see in the accompanying pictures, they mount the golf bags on the back or front, or between the rider's legs. Some are very unique. They all speed up the game because the rider can go straight to his or her own ball and don't have to share a 2-person cart which takes twice the time.

You can read more about these devices by searching for “single rider golf carts”. For an interesting review, search “Bubba Watson golf cart.” You will find him demonstrating a hovercraft and a single rider jet pack. Gimmicks? Maybe. Expensive? Definitely. But the narratives highlight the push toward new transportation on the golf course.

"The most expensive thing about golf is not the land. It isn't the equipment. It isn't the green fees. The costliest thing about golf is the time. As an industry, we MUST find ways to speed up the game." Steve Divnick, Inventor

There are industry articles promoting single-rider golf options as a necessity for the future of golf (search “single rider golf cart articles”) . Chris Nickel has written an article in MyGolfSpy titled, “The Two-Person Golf Cart Needs To Die” which makes very strong arguments for the benefits of single-rider options to the golf industry.

The golf industry is changing. It MUST change. That is why I call this, “The Single-Rider Sweepstakes.” Traditional golf carts were first introduced in the 1930's and it took 20 years before they were commonplace. With today's fast exchange of information and technology, we believe single-rider devices will become common much faster. Our goal is to provide golfers the best single-rider option and the opportunity to experience the freedom a DivnickGolf eBike provides.

A fast and efficient single-rider device allows every player to go straight to his or her own ball which can dramatically reduce the time it takes to play a round of golf. That will attract more players and retain them longer. This page will show you why we believe that the DivnickGolf eBike is the best single-rider option in the marketplace.


Covid-19 Pandemic Effect and Lessons for Single Rider Golf

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, golf courses around the world are limiting riders to 1-person-per-cart. No one would ever have suggested that all golf courses around the world spend 2 or 3 months conducting a test with 1-person-per-cart to see how it speeds up the game. But that is what has happened. I predict that this pandemic-driven experiment will become a critical element in the discussion and movement toward single rider options.



Disadvantages of early and current designs

To help point out the advantages of the DivnickGolf eBike, we first want to highlight the disadvantages of the current single rider designs.

  • They are VERY expensive, usually between $4,000 and $6,000 which is beyond the reach of most individual golfers. As such, they can only be purchased or leased by golf courses who then rent them to golfers just as with traditional 2-person carts. But there is logical resistance to that because it would require the golf course to purchase twice as many rider devices which becomes more expensive than their traditional carts.

  • Even if they were affordable for individual purchase, most of them don't fold up and fit in the trunk of a car, so transporting them is difficult.

  • They can ONLY be used on the golf course. They are not suitable for any other purpose.
  • They don't provide any exercise, and many golfers want to get exercise while they play, as evidenced by the millions of golfers who choose to walk.

  • With the 2-wheel scooters, putting the kick stand up and down between every shot is a bother and perceived by many as a distracting process. And kick stands sink into soft grass, so stability is an issue.

  • Some of the designs are complicated and challenging to ride, so the golf course requires training and practice before they let you take them out.


Introducing the DivnickGolf eBike

The video linked at the top of this page is of our first prototype bag carrier which was made out of plywood. It worked great for proof-of-concept. After experimenting with a series of other prototype carriers, we have settled on formed-aluminum which is stronger and more versatile than tube-construction which is the norm for golf carts and carriers. Our system not only carries the bag, it is also a rock-solid auto-tilt kick stand.

We want it to be super quick and easy for the golfer to install the bag carrier, and then to remove it after the round so they can easily fold their bike for storage or travel. Our proprietary pivot-blocks quick-attach to the side of the rear rack as shown in the video below. They are made from UHMW which is durable self-lubricating plastic which also protects the beautiful powder-coated painted rack.

Click on any of these pictures to enlarge them, then click anywhere on the screen away from the photos to close them.

Click on these pictures to enlarge them.






The DivnickGolf eBike is built with components and options that make it great for golf. It has a heavy-duty step-through frame with an extra heavy main hinge, a 750 watt motor, and a quality Samsung 48 volt 14.5 amp hour battery. The rack is welded to the frame and much lower to the fender than other bikes so it will handle the weight of a golf bag. Our eBike also has upgraded front suspension and a suspension seat for a smooth and comfortable ride, full fenders so wet grass doesn't get thrown all over the bike and rider, upgraded disk brakes, and several other features that are not found on most eBikes. And of course, it has our proprietary auto-tilt bag carrier.

The battery can be recharged on the bike, or it can be removed and taken inside. The LCD display shows speed, battery life, peddle assist level, and some other elements.

When you take it out on the road, it has a headlight, parking brake, and brake light for added safety. You don't need a special license to ride it. Bicycle rules apply.

Advantages of the DivnickGolf eBike

I believe the DivnickGolf eBike is the best single rider option for a variety of reasons.

In addition to speeding up the game, the DivnickGolf eBike has the following advantages over the other current models:

How will golf courses respond to golfers bringing their own eBike?

Many golf courses in retirement areas already allow you to bring your own cart. Sometimes they charge only a walking fee, and others charge a “trail fee” which is less than if you rent a cart from them. Golf courses typically want to rent their own carts which adds to their revenue, so some will initially see privately owned riding devices as competing with that revenue. At the same time, golf courses are selling fewer rounds so they are open to attracting more golfers to their course which increases revenue.

"We need to make sure that we’re attracting and growing new fans. We are doubling down on our commitment to technology and innovation."
Joe Arcuri, PGA Tour CMO

Increased Revenue for Golf Courses - The positive approach to golf courses is to point out that allowing single-rider devices will attract new golfers who will not only pay green fees, they will get range balls, buy food, and spend money in the pro shop. The negative approach is to point out that not allowing single-rider devices will push those golfers to other courses. In our area of Southwest Ohio, some of the golf courses have quickly given us permission to bring our own golf bikes, so naturally, those are the courses where we golf. As our numbers increase, it won’t take long before other golf courses recognize that encouraging golfers with ebikes will bring in more revenue.

Pandora's Box? Some courses might initially be worried that allowing ebikes will open up a Pandora’s box of machines on their course. But that isn’t likely, and it is easy to limit it to things like turf-friendly, electric, and not distracting to other golfers. They won’t have to worry about someone wanting to ride their Harley Davidson on the golf course.

Liability? Another concern is liability. What if someone has an accident on their eBike on the golf course? That is a logical question, but covered by the same liability rules that already govern any accident on the golf course. What if a golfer gets hit by a ball? What if a golfer sprains his ankle in a gopher hole? What if a golfer slips on a bridge? What if a golfer hits a ball through a homeowners window? What if someone drives a cart into the lake? The same liability rules would apply to someone on an eBike. And of requested, those of us with an eBike will gladly sign a liability waiver.

Trail Fees? We will be developing a searchable database of courses that allow Golf eBikes, and that will include if they charge a trail fee or just charge a walking fee. Our hope is that golf courses will “encourage” golf eBikes by not charging a trail fee which would be seen by eBikers as a penalty. After all, golf courses don’t charge people who bring electric push carts, so it isn’t a necessity to charge for an electric bicycle just because the person rides it rather than walks beside it. Both devices “use” the golf course paths and grass.


Golf is a game of traditions, and some will resist eBikes because of that. But to be sure, golf’s traditions have changed over the years…always with initial resistance.

There was a time when golfers only used 3 clubs called the Mashie, Niblick, and Spoon. Today we have 14 different clubs. Can you just imagine the resistance today if someone tried to add a 15th club? Or in the case of DivnickGolf, a single club with a transmission in the head that can be locked on more than 34 different lofts? If our technology had existed 150 years ago, it might be the norm today.

There was a time when golfers only hit the ball off the bare ground. Then someone piled up a mound of sand and placed the ball on it so it would be easier to hit. Surely a competitor said, “You can’t do that.” To which the sand-piler replied, “Well, if we all do it, then it will be fair.” Then one of the other guys probably said, “OK, but let’s agree to do it only on the first shot of each hole.” And thus, the “tee” was born. Today, we all place our golf balls on a little stick of wood for the first shot of every hole making it much easier to hit the ball.

Hickory shafts gave way to steel shafts and now graphite. Drivers with persimmon heads are gone. Even steel heads have been replaced by titanium.

There was significant initial resistance to 2-person golf carts introduced in the 1930’s. Tradition said it wasn’t golf if you didn’t use a caddy. But traditions change with new technology and options. It took 20 years before they were accepted at elite courses, and another 20 before they were at public courses. Now they are the norm.

But lets look at the two person golf cart through the eyes of the industry’s need to dramatically reduce the time it takes to play a round of golf. Two person golf carts take TWICE as long as a single-rider cart. One of the golfers is just sitting there, waiting his or her turn. They don’t know their yardage, they don’t know which club they will use, they don’t know what kind of swing they will need to make. They can’t even begin to plan their shot until after their riding partner hits his or her ball.

"The golf industry must reduce the amount of time to play a round of golf. Single-rider devices can reduce the time more dramatically than any other element of the game."
Steve Divnick, Golf Inventor


With a DivnickGolf eBike, golfers can ride straight to their ball, beginning to line up and plan their shots before they even come to a stop. They can truly play “ready golf” and swing away…all four players without long periods of waiting for others to go through the process of getting ready and finally executing their shot.

It is time for another golf tradition to change. It is time for 2-person carts to give way to single-rider options, or at the very least, for golf courses to welcome those of us who want to bring them to speed up play at our own expense.

We are optimistic that most, if not all golf courses will quickly become as open to golfers bringing their own eBikes as they are to golfers bringing their own clubs and shoes.

Golf Course eBike Rental Options

In addition to encouraging golf courses to allow golfers to bring their own eBikes, we will encourage courses to get some eBikes to rent. This is revenue they are already familiar with, and our eBikes will have the added advantage of having a much smaller impact on their budget than other single rider options, along with the benefits of offering exercise for their golfers. Remember, other single-rider options only offer faster golf. They do not offer exercise. DivnickGolf eBikes offer faster golf AND as much exercise as the golfer wants.

Another revenue stream for golf courses will come when some of those golfers will want to buy their own DivnickGolf eBike which will generate a commission for the golf course. We think this will be one of the best ways to sell our eBikes. The golfer will get to experience the eBike before making a buying decision. In that sense, every rental is a demo with potential revenue for the golf course.


Is anyone else offering electric bicycles for golf?

Yes. There have been a variety of bicycle-golf devices over the years. The early versions were on conventional bikes that had to stay on the cart paths because of their thin tires. As you can see in the accompanying pictures, designs included little trailers that tow the golf clubs or bag holders on the front or rear.

More recent versions include fatter tire bikes such as the green golf bike pictured here and further down. These are peddle bikes (no motors) which are very difficult to peddle on grass and up hills. You have to be extremely fit to complete a full round. They have saddle-bags for clubs which require you to empty your clubs and other golf paraphernalia out of your golf bag and put it into the saddle bags at the beginning of the round, then transfer everything back into your bag at end of the round. They don't have fenders which is a big problem if the grass is wet...which is at least every morning in many climates. Also, these bikes are not folding, so you have to hang them on a rear hitch bike carrier for transport which is added cost. Still, they illustrate one of the early bike entries into the single-rider trend.

Some electric eBike owners have rigged up bag carriers mounted on an extended rack frame on the back of the bike like the two pictured at the bottom of this montage. Unfortunately, this makes it very top-heavy which is a problem for the conventional kick stand. People with these bikes report that they fall over a couple times a round, especially in windy conditions or on soft ground. And they can't park them on a hill or uneven ground which means they often can't park next to their ball.

I met the three men pictured below at a local golf course this past summer. They recently purchased their green peddle golf bikes and quickly learned that it was too difficult to peddle for a full round, especially on soft grass and up hills. So they purchased a battery and motor kit for the front hub. Of course, the traction isn't as good with front-wheel drive, and the motors are not integrated into the peddles. But what I love about this is that it demonstrates that there are golfers out there who are ready for a golf eBike.

You can buy peddle-assist electric bikes from Amazon, Ebay, and many other sources. Since the invention of the “hub motor,” eBikes are proliferating around the world as they increase the speed and range, and can carry much heavier loads than conventional peddle bicycles. However, they are not designed for the rigors of a golf course…especially hauling large men and our clubs! The eBikes you can buy for around $1500 are not designed for golf. They typically don't have enough power for soft grass and hills, and the batteries will not last a full round. Also, most of the racks on the back are bolted to the frame quite high above the fender or tire, so they will not handle the stress of carrying a golf bag. Our racks are heavy duty and welded low to the frame for a low center of gravity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast is the DivnickGolf eBike?
A: It will go over 20 mph so is quite a bit faster than traditional golf carts that top out at 13 mph. But as a practical matter, you probably wouldn’t ride it over 15 mph on the golf course.

Q: How much will it actually speed up the round?
A: To be sure, the practical limitation is whether or not the others in your foursome have eBikes, and if there are regular-pace golfers ahead of you in which case you would mostly get to your ball quickly and have to wait to hit it your shot. The ultimate will be when everyone on the course has their own single-rider device which is the goal for the future. Advocates of single-rider devices estimate that it could cut the round in half compared to conventional carts. No one knows for sure because there are no courses where everyone has an eBike or other single-rider device. But I can confirm that when I have ridden my bike with others in my foursome on conventional carts and no one ahead of us, I am already at my ball while those sharing a cart are waiting on each other. Still, with no one in front of us, we have completed a round in 2 1/2 hours without feeling rushed. I look forward to the time when all of us will have our own eBikes and no one is in front of us so we can report the actual time it takes to play a full eBike round which I believe will be under 2 hours. And even more so, I look forward to the time when most golf courses and most players have Divnick eBikes so everyone can enjoy faster rounds!

Q: Is it powerful enough to go up steep hills?
A: Yes. It has 7 quick-change gear speeds, so it will handle steep hills easily under its own motor power, plus the rider's leg power if desired.

Q: How does it handle on wet grass?
A: It is very solid on wet grass. We have purposefully ridden up and down, and sideways on the steepest grass hills we could find without experiencing any slippage. I would also note that it crosses over ridges such as the edge of cart paths easily, as well as over small rocks and walnuts on cart paths. The soft tires are very stable on all surfaces.

Q: How important are the full fenders?
A: Many ebikes have little or no fenders. But if the grass is even a little damp, you and your bike will be COVERED in grass clippings. So full fenders are very important. Our production bikes will also have mud flaps on the front fenders to keep the bike frame and rider completely dry.

Q: Is it difficult to balance with the golf bag on the side.
A: No, not at all. You don’t even feel it. As kids, we all remember putting our left foot on the peddle and pushing off, then swinging our leg over the seat. We could coast as long as we wanted standing on the peddle without ever thinking about balancing. It is automatic.

Q: Does the bag kick stand work on hills?
A: Yes, very solidly. It not only serves as a kick stand, it becomes a “brake” locking the bike to the ground preventing it from rolling. It works on down hills, up hills, and side hills. When tilted out fully, it creates a posi-lock angle that transfers all the bag weight down into the ground which makes it super stable.

Q: Does the auto-tilt locking bag carrier only fit on a Divnick eBike?
A: It fits best on a Divnick eBike which is designed for the bag carrier with the low-mount welded rack. But we will also offer it to existing ebike owners. It has full vertical rows of height-adjusting holes so it will fit any bike.

Q: Why is DivnickGolf working on a riding device when its adjustable loft clubs make walking so easy?
A: That is a great question. Divnick Clubs are telescopic for easy travel and the Adjustable Loft Club can be used for the whole game which makes it VERY easy to walk. Even so, most of our customers use our clubs for travel and play with a full set at home. Plus, we have many senior customers who want exercise, but walking 18 can be hard on the joints. So the eBike is a great option for those reasons.

Q: Do you see this as something that will appeal to older golfers?
A: Absolutely. Riding a bike is easy. We all know how to do it. Riding an eBike is even easier. Of course, there will come a time when all of us have to put the clubs away. But riding a bike will EXTEND our ability to play golf when walking becomes more difficult. That is also good news for golf courses and the golf industry that is in great need of increasing rounds-played.

"Innovation can help golf attract the younger generation."
Green Sports Alliance

Q: Will it attract younger golfers too?
A: Yes, that is one of the benefits of single-rider devices. They allow the game to be played faster which is critically important for youth and young adults. And younger generation players will also like the ability of the DivnickGolf eBike to provide for as much exercise as they want, so it will attract those who value fitness. It also has the appeal of environmentally-friendly electric power over gas-engines.

Q: What if it is raining?
A: That is one of the negatives. The eBike doesn't provide any protection from rain and it would be difficult to use an umbrella with the forward motion wind resistance. But then, most golfers don't like to play in the rain, even if they can retreat to a conventional cart between shots.

Q: Will the DivnickGolf eBike include a drink bottle holder, cooler box, scorecard board, and cell phone holder?
A: Yes. But all those things are also commonly available on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and other stores. Not every golfer will want them, so we will probably offer them as options.

Q: How easily does the bike fold?
A: It is very quick and easy, as shown in the video below. It will easily fit into most car trunks. I have a mini-van, and I just fold the handlebars down, then insert the front tire in between the passenger seats. If you have a hitch-mount bicycle rack, you wouldn't need to fold the eBike at all.



Specifications of the DivnickGolf eBike

Full specifications can be seen below.


As soon as I saw you take off on your eBike, I knew I had to try it. And when I tried it I KNEW I had to have one! I was amazed at the agility, the "easy on, easy off" access, and the simplicity of it! It has amazing power, is easy to steer and control. And I love the ability of the bike up and down hills and all over the course. When you get to my age (65 plus) you begin to appreciate the kind of energy playing 18 holes takes, but I'm not ready to just cave to the inevitability of riding a cart for 18 holes. With this eBike peddle assist I have the ability to exercise at my pace without wearing myself out by pulling a cart or walking and carrying my bag. And talk about speeding up the game--using the eBike gets you more efficiently around the course. The eBikes handsome design, compact storage and ergonomic design are added bonuses. I think it's the bike of the future and the future is here! Sign me up for a DivnickGolf ebike, I'll buy one as soon as its available! Dave Evans


Target Dates and Roll Out

Our first shipment of production eBikes are scheduled to arrive in the Fall of 2020. These bikes have been purchased by a few customers who want to be the first in their area, to get feedback from other golfers and courses, and to help us develop experiences and stories that we will use for media announcements and a major launch in 2021.

If you would like to learn more about the DivnickGolf eBike with occasional updates, please CLICK HERE to open an email or copy and paste the applicable points below into an email to sales@divnick.com.

1) Please send me updates when available about the DivnickGolf eBike.
2) I am possibly interested in purchasing a DivnickGolf eBike when regular production begins and the retail pricing is known.
3) Please provide your name and location (city, state/province, and zip/postal code).
4) Please add any additional comments or questions.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions: 937-384-0003 (9:00 am to 11 pm Eastern USA - same as New York time zone)