Unique Clubs Built by DivnickGolf

Steve Divnick has built many unique clubs over the years, usually for trick shot artists and special orders from companies wanting to attract attention at conventions and other events. This page shows a sampling of those clubs.

World's Longest Driver

The shaft is made in sections so it can be swung at a variety of lengths up to 30 feet, with a LOT of practice. This picture shows it at 12 feet. When in the longest configurations, he has to stand on the back of a truck to achieve a more traditional lie angle.

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World's Longest Putter



Steve Divnick holds his unique 4-headed driver. This is believed to be the only 4-headed driver in the world! 4 balls are teed at different heights, and all hit at the same time. It is a spectacular sight to see four balls tracking out over the horizon like a Blue Angel's flight formation.


Steve Divnick pictured below with Peter at the PGA Show in Orlando

Click here to read about the history of unique clubs developed by Steve Divnick's grandfather, including a custom 5-Foot driver for Robert Wadlow, The World's Tallest Man at 8' 11", and baseball bats for Babe Ruth!

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Whole-In-One Adjustable Clubs

Telescopic Clubs