Divnick's Top 10 Rules of Golf Logic

10) Hitting it longer “might” result in a saved stroke, but hitting an errant shot always results in adding one. Those are not good odds.

9) Balls travel through air better than through grass. Duh.

8) Swinging fast is not the same thing as fast club-head speed.

7) Those who can, do. Those who can't, invent golf clubs. (Hey, we all have our role!)

6) The golfer's trifecta is: 1) Long, 2) Straight, and 3) Consistent.

5) The club designer's trifecta is: 1) High Loft, 2) Low Spin, and 3) Fast ball speed

4) Using equipment designed for pros makes no sense for amateurs. We need our own tools.

3) Hitting a driver on the sweet-spot is one of the top three best feelings known to man.

2) Overcoming the instinct to swing hard and fast is one of the top three most difficult things known to man.

And the Number One Rule of Golf Logic…

1) Tradition rules the marketplace until someone challenges the norm.

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