What do the top five golfers in the world say about the BIG STIK™?

We don’t know.

We haven’t asked them.

We did not design the BIG STIK™ for touring pros. We don’t think it makes sense to expect average players to use the same tools as a professional.

But that’s what the golf industry has done for decades. Traditional equipment makers spend millions of dollars designing drivers for the best players in the world. The lofts are low and the shafts are stiff.

Then they pay millions more dollars for endorsements.

Their goal is to convince you to spend $400 to $600 for the latest innovation, as if you can hit that same club as well as the pros.

The result is that average players buy clubs they can’t use. They struggle to get the ball in the air and end up spraying shots inconsistently around the golf course.

We don’t know what the best players in the world would say about the BIG STIK™.

But if their endorsement contract allowed them to speak freely about other clubs, we believe they would say,

“You need more loft than we do.

“You need a more forgiving club than we do.

“You need a more flexible shaft than we do.

“You need a club that is designed for your skill level.

“You need a BIG STIK™!”

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