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We welcome your testimonies. We won't be able to publish all of them, but we love to read how much these drivers improve your driving and your game. Please click here to submit them. Note: Submitting testimonies includes your permission for us to publish them. If you don't want your name to be used, do not include it in the testimony itself. We will not identify your exact location unless you include it in your testimony. If we publish your testimony, we will give you a $50 Gift Certificate toward the purchase of any club.

Please include as much detail as possible (additional distance, accuracy, lower handicap, your age, the brand and loft of your previous driver, etc.)

Peter "The Trickshot Master" Jöhncke Endorses BIG STIK Drivers

“The BIG STIK is the most amazing driver I have ever hit, and I have hit them all. It is longer and straighter, and I like the fact that DivnickGolf has lofts to fit everyone’s game, regardless of their skill. I have cranked it 350 yards, but not everyone can do that. It is important to have a club that matches your level of skill and golfers are going to love what this club does for their game.”

Click here for more pictures of clubs we have made for Mr. Jöhncke

Pete Brown, PGA Pro, First African-American To Win A PGA Event, (February 2, 1935 – May 1, 2015)

"I have played a lot of golf and seen a lot of driver-advancements during 17 years on the PGA Tour and more than 20 as a local pro. But every-day golfers have always struggled to use equipment that is designed for pros. That doesn't make sense. It's about time someone designed a club for the average player. The higher loft and light swing-weight of the Big Stik drivers easily produce higher trajectory, more consistent distance, and better accuracy. This club is great for men, women, seniors, and juniors who will find it much easier to get the ball in the air and hit more fairways."

DivnickGolf™ is proud to recognize Hall of Fame Member Pete Brown for his trailblazing accomplishments. When he won the 1964 Waco Turner Open, Pete became the first African-American to win a PGA event. He overcame blatant racism and many other obstacles to become one of the pivotal sports figures during the turbulent civil rights era of the 1960s. His athletic abilities and demeanor have been crucial in opening doors to all minorities in sports and business. Pete continued his leadership in Dayton, Ohio as the PGA Pro at Madden Golf Course for more than 20 years.

(This picture shows Pete Brown with Steve Divnick, inventor of the BIG STIK and owner of DivnickGolf.)

Independent Launch Monitor Report Applauds BIG STIK

"Blew-By-U operates on-site launch monitor machines at golf courses and pro shops.   We recommend the best equipment for people based on the computerized results of their launch angle, ball speed, and spin-rate.  Higher loft is easier to hit and gets better trajectory, but the laws of physics means it creates more back spin which largely defeats the benefits of the higher loft.  But DivnickGolf has engineered a design that defies those laws.  The first golfer we evaluated was hitting a well-known brand-name 10 degree driver. His Launch Angle was 9.5 degrees and his spin rate was 4,300. With the 15 degree BIG STIK, his launch angle INCREASED to 15 degrees and his spin-rate DECREASED to 3,000. The result was a consistent 13-yard increase in distance and a whopping 50 percent tighter shot pattern. The BIG STIK is the most consistent driver with the tightest shot pattern in our entire inventory of 100 brand name clubs. 

"We've never seen anything like it."

Mickey Fox, Blew-By-U     

Click here for more from Blew-By-U

Jana Dalton, PGA Pro, Head Golf Professional

"The BIG STIK is a great driver. The high loft makes it easy to get the ball in the air, yet it doesn't hit it overly high. The ball carries great and many ladies will get more distance, especially if they have a hard time getting the ball in the air. And with the higher loft, it is obviously more accurate. This is a very solid club. The large face makes a very forgiving sweet-spot so even mis-hits are good shots. The light-weight components make it an easy club to swing. It looks beautiful too.

"You owe it to yourself to try a BIG STIK."

Jana Dalton is one of only 15 female PGA general managers in the United States

Matt Stotler, Local PGA Pro

"The BIG STIK is an amazing club. As a local pro, I hit all the major brand drivers. NONE OF THEM HITS AS WELL AS THE BIG STIK! This club smashes every shot solidly, on the ideal trajectory, with great carry and distance, and right down the middle. It feels good in my hands, sets squarely on the ground, and is a great-looking club.

"I believe it is an even better option for average golfers, ladies, and seniors with slower and inconsistent swing tempos. The BIG STIK will get the ball in the air with the deep face and high loft, so the golfer can relax and swing through the ball. I am a student of the physics of golf club design, and DivnickGolf has nailed it with this driver. We look forward to the new season. We believe the majority of our customers will want this club."

Matt Stotler, PGA Professional

Comparing Callaway, Taylor Made, and Titleist Drivers on a Full Swing Golf Simulator

Just prior to the introduction of the BIG STIK at the PGA Show in Orlando, a test was conducted to compare the BIG STIK with 3 of the leading brands in an indoor Full Swing Golf Simulator. Although the BIG STIK is designed for average players with average swing speeds, this test was by a player with advanced skill and swing speed, so he selected the 11-degree loft. The BIG STIK beat the Callaway ERC Fusion, Titleist 983K, and Taylor Made 540XD in all four categories and is a considerably less expensive club. Of course, the 13 and 15-degree models make even more dramatic comparisons at slower swing speeds for more average golfers.

Average Distance
Best Distance
Average Carry
Ball Speed
Taylor Made
540XD 9.5º
259 270 241 161
ERC Fusion 10º
270 278 253 163
Titleist 983K 9º
266 283 243 160
274* 284* 259* 164*

Golf Labs Robot Testing

In addition to the many testimonies and tests that demonstrate significant distance advantages, perhaps the most astounding benefit of the BIG STIK is the accuracy.

We enlisted Golf Labs of San Diego California to conduct off-center hits against one of the leading brands on the market. On "center, heel, and toe" comparisons of 1/2" off-center contact, the Taylor Made R580XD had an 82% wider shot pattern than the BIG STIK.

That is worth up to 3 or 4 strokes during a round with a BIG STIK...even more when it saves out-of-bounds shots.

The following measurements are the distance from the center line. Each figure is the average of 6 balls for each setting.

Center Hits


% Difference
Taylor Made
9.94 +57%
BIG STIK 6.33  

Toe Hits


% Difference
Taylor Made
46.00 +47%
BIG STIK 31.17  

Heel Hits


% Difference
Taylor Made
27.17 +239%
BIG STIK 8.00  



% Difference
Taylor Made
83.11 +82%
BIG STIK 45.5  

"I love what the BIG STIK DRIVER has done for my game!"

"The BIG STIK Driver helps me get the ball up in the air and hit longer drives with more of them in the fairway. I am more relaxed and confident than with my 10.5-degree Taylor Made because I can see the face and large contact area, so my swing is smoother. I have bought three more as gifts for family and clients, and recommend them to anyone who wants better drives."

Mike Peebles, "Realtor of the Year," Dayton Ohio

"Nothing is close to the BIG STIK!"

"We hit every new club at the PGA Show this year.  Nothing was even close to the BIG STIK!  This driver not only hits the ball a long ways, it is the most forgiving and accurate that I have ever hit."

Mark J. Cammarene, Director of Golf & Certified Nicklaus/Flick Golf Instructor at The Links at Pointe West Florida

"The BIG STIK is amazing!"

"Accompanied by my instructor, I tested your driver at the PGA Show Demo Day. I hit virtually every drive straight or with a slight draw. I have never been able to do that with a wood, much less a driver. My instructor told me to get that very club right there on the spot!"

Alice Robertson, Savanna GA

"I didn't want to put it down!"

"The trajectory and carry off every drive is extremely consistent. It immediately gave me an additional 20-30 yards above the Titleist 975D I have used until now. It is the type of driver that you don't want to put down because you're astonished at how well you're hitting the ball. It is forgiving, so shots are more accurate, and the ball charges off the club head. The trajectory and carry off every drive is extremely consistent."

Andrew Fitzgerald, Golf Instructor at the Links at Pointe West, Vero Beach, Florida

Follow-up submitted by Andy:

"Many of our members now have these new drivers. One of our retirees was a 31-handicap last year, and has dropped that to 19 after switching to this great driver. He not only hits it farther, but a lot more of them are where he can hit a second shot."

"At long last I've found it!"

"After years of searching and many dollars spent on drivers, at long last I've found it!! It forgives, it compensates and it is high and long. It makes you feel like a winner!! What else is there in life! Good luck in the future."

Horst Saalbach, Vice Chairman, Festo Corporation

Note from DivnickGolf: Dr. Saalbach purchased one of our drivers after reading about it in USA Today. He liked it so well, he bought another one for his wife, followed by a high-loft 3-wood for each of them. His testimony is especially significant to us because Dr. Saalbach is a well-known engineer who founded and has run his own $80 million global company. He has won several prestigious awards, including receiving the Ellis Island Congressional Medal of Honor. Click here for more information about this successful innovator.

"This is a great club for many golfers, especially seniors and ladies!"

"It certainly has a catchy name. But what makes it even more remarkable is how it improves so many elements of your tee shots. When you are confident that you will get high loft on your drives, and hit them straight, you tend to relax more when you're at the tee. And when you're relaxed, you generally make fewer mistakes and enjoy the game more."

"This is the perfect driver for many golfers because it is easy to hit, improves accuracy and distance, and provides high trajectory without the backspin. The Big Stik is ideal for women because it allows them to generate good club head speed, and the 13 and 15-degree lofts let them get the ball higher in the air."

"It's exciting that a company is finally making drivers with high-loft, low-spin technology. It's long overdue."

Dick Johnson, PGA Pro, Instructor at three courses in Wisconsin


Customer Compares Other Drivers

Click here to read what John Brussa says about the BIG STIK. He has an interesting perspective having purchased a Cobra SZ 440, Taylormade R5, Cleveland 460 Launcher, Yonex Powerbrid, Adams Redline and Calloway ERC Fusion over the last 18 months.



Customer wins local Championship with BIG STIK

Click here to read how the BIG STIK helped Don Scott win his local Club Championship.

The picture to the right shows Steve Divnick standing with Ed Martin at a driving range event at a large mid-west tournament.

We had a full array of all our lofts and flexes available for testing. Some of the golfers were amazed at the results, and purchased new clubs right on the spot so they could use them for that day's tournaments.

Following are some testimonies from some of the golfers who purchased drivers that day.

"It has a noticeably more solid feel than my Ping .  Even the sound is solid.  But what I like most is that it hits boring shots that don't sail too high from excessive backspin.  This club helps me lower my score because I have more second shots to the green.  I am impressed that you had all the options for us to test." Richard Russo

"I can hardly wait for each round of golf so I can hit this new driver. It is such a pleasure to see the ball go so far. I love it on tight holes because I know where it's going. On my home course, I hit the longest drives in nine years. I love the piercing trajectory and excessive roll. I now outdrive one of my friends by 20 yards and that really ticks him off because he always used to hit farther than me.

"I was one of the first with a Big Bertha, and progressed up through the Greatest Big Bertha. But your driver is the best of all. I have lowered my handicap from 6 to 4 with this driver." Rocket Ferguson, Runner up - 1995 NALG Championship, 54 years old.

"My drives have never been better after 60 years of golf as they are now with my 15 degree Big Stik. I am hitting a little longer and I am more consistent and accurate than I was with my Big Bertha. Thanks." Gary Eaton

"I like how the Big Stik squares up at address.  I've been using a KZG head with a UST shaft which is known for its distance, but I hit your club straighter and every bit as long.  It feels solid and I like the way the ball comes off the face." Bill Clark

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