Golf Digest Report

Several years ago, the cover title of the November 2003 issue of Golf Digest was, "New Research: Easy Distance, More Loft Will Get You 10 More Yards." That issue was full of data that called for higher driver loft. This conclusion has been reinforced with several subsequent studies and live testers. Even with that evidence, the major golf manufacturers continue to make drivers for pros, and market those same clubs to the rest of us. That doesn't make sense because very few of us have the swing or skill of professionals.

Also, the older we get, the slower our swings. Loft becomes more and more important as our speed and flexibility diminishes. We have continued to offer the highest loft drivers in the industry with our 13 nad 15 degree BIG STIK's.

Golf Digest Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Jerry Tarde said there is unanimous agreement among the Golf Digest Equipment Panel.

Unfortunately, that article is no longer archived, so we can't link you to it directly. But the evidence is still as valid as ever. Higher loft means more distance, especially for average golfers.