Development History of the BIG STIK

By Steve Divnick

The development of the BIG STIK™ drivers has been a 10-year process.

I began playing golf in 1988. The first time I tee'd off and lugged my bag off the tee box, it struck me that it was silly dragging all those clubs while trying to have fun playing a game. When I got back to the shop, I immediately began designing an adjustable club. Two years later, I received a patent for the "Whole-In-One Golf Club".

The Whole-In-One lets you play the entire game with just one club. It includes a telescopic shaft so it makes a great travel golf club. It has a transmission inside the head that can be adjusted to replicate the loft of a full set of clubs, including driver and putter lofts. It can also be set to half lofts, so it has twice as many options as a full bag.

It quickly became a favorite of traveling golfers, airline pilots, cyclists and others who want to walk but not carry a heavy bag. Some of our largest sales volume is to corporations who put their logo in the rear cavity of the head.

During the first year of marketing, I hired Golf Laboratories, Inc. to compare it with the Callaway S2H2 irons, the leading blades on the market at that time. The comparison was with the 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 irons. The results caught the golf industry by surprise. The average distance for the Adjustable was 2 yards farther, and it had an amazing 21% tighter shot pattern. The better distance is easily explained because the overall shaft length is longer, but the increased accuracy has mystified the experts. Our telescopic shafts are the secret. We reduce torque (twisting) so the club head is squarely delivered to the ball more consistently.

This unique club has won design awards and garnered the respect of engineers and golfers around the world.

But it has disadvantages, which spurred the journey that has culminated with the BIG STIK™.

The adjustable club is a 4-iron length, which is about 6 inches shorter than a typical driver. So it does not develop as much club-head speed as a driver and therefore does not hit the ball as far.

Since I already had the telescopic shaft technology in production, I began making telescopic drivers for customers who wanted the portability of the Adjustable Club, but also wanted greater distance off the tee

This led to the development of DivnickGolf's TF-Driver. The TF stands for "Tee and Fairway". It is a light-alloy stainless head mounted to a full driver-length telescopic shaft that produces long drives AND great fairway shots.

We began hearing back from our TF Driver customers that they were driving the ball farther and more accurately with their TF than their $400 titanium drivers.

That led us to conclude that it was due to having higher loft which made it easier for the average golfer to get the ball on a more productive trajectory.

About that same time, Golf Digest published a report that concluded the average golfer needed more loft.

So we designed a head dedicated to driving that has high-loft, and includes design-components that actually reduce the back-spin.

The golf industry has tried to create this combination for many years. But their problem is that increasing loft also increases back-spin which makes the ball spin too high and drop with little roll.

But our design and weight distribution has rewritten the logic. Our research and development team has a significant head start on the rest of the industry because of our experience with the high-loft telescopic drivers.

It was a logical step to design a dedicated driver with a Titanium head and graphite shaft and HIGH LOFT! The BigStik was born.

Read about how we overcame the loft/spin challenge in, "Why Hasn't A Club Like This Been Manufactured Before?"


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