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From John Brussa, Canada

Big Stik DriverSteve, your Big Stik is an absolute revelation. I am definately a golf equipment "junkie", and my friends often tell me that my problem is that I refuse to accept that sometimes bad shots aren't "equipment failures" but are rather "operator error".

In particular, scoring has been plagued by not getting off the tee very well (short, bad slice, you name it) rescue shots are quite good, I've had lots of practice.

In aid of curing this, I have bought in the last 18 months the following; Cobra SZ 440, Taylormade R5, Cleveland 460 Launcher, Yonex Powerbrid, Adams Redline and Calloway ERC Fusion (pictured). My spouse justifies my habit by saying I am becoming a "collector" of drivers since owning this many drivers defies any rational justification (I am otherwise a responsible adult, hold quite a responsible job and have no other addictions).

In any event, characteristically, I digress. I was looking through Golf Digest when I saw your ad, and was intrigued. Could higher loft and a raised center of gravity be the "Holy Grail" for hitting fairways? I recall calling your toll free number and having a good chat with you about your theories, and ordered your Big Stik.

I am delighted with my purchase. The change in my driving has amazed my friends (yes, the same friends who poo-pooed my search for the ultimate driver). Nice long drives (260 plus), middle of the fairway...great time. You wouldn't believe how much more enjoyable the game is with your driver. You can look for my other drivers on EBay.

Hats off to your innovation in taking on the big guys and beating them by building a better mousetrap produce an extremely fine product which I am happy to recomend. I am glad there is still room for the "little guy" in the world of golf equipment. All the best and thanks.

John Brussa

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