"Our company travels to different golf courses and, with the use of a LAUNCH MONITOR we fit golfer's with the best possible driver and golf ball for their game. There are 3 key elements for a perfect driver: Launch Angle, Ball Speed, and Ball Spin.

"Our research proves that higher trajectory and lower back-spin rate results in longer and more accurate drives. The problem is these two goals work against each other.

"Usually, higher lofted drivers put too much back-spin on the ball which produces a balloon effect. The ball will reach its optimal height and then fall straight down with no roll. The key is to launch it high and keep the spin rate low which will produce a rainbow effect and the ball will carry farther and still get some roll.

"Somehow, Divnick Golf has been able to design their titanium drivers with extra high loft and managed to keep the SPIN RATE LOW.

"We currently have over 100 drivers from 5 major manufactures. Our tests show that the 15-degree BIG STIK driver spins the ball less than any other drivers in our inventory with 10 or more degrees of loft.  That is an incredible feat. 

"When we received our first BIG STIK DRIVER, the first golfer we evaluated was hitting a well-known 10 degree driver. His Launch Angle was 9.5 degrees and his spin rate was 4,300. Basically, his launch angle was to low and his spin-rate was to high. We handed him the 15 degree BIG STIK DRIVER, and his launch angle went up to 15 degrees and his spin-rate reduced down to 3,000. The result was a consistent 13 yard increase in distance and a whopping 50% tighter shot pattern.

"The BIG STIK is the most consistent driver with the tightest shot pattern in our entire inventory. 

"But the biggest benefit may be the most difficult to measure with our launch monitors.  It is so easy to hit the ball on a nice rainbow trajectory that our clients relax and significantly increase the number of solid, long shots.  They just love this club.

"The more we test it, the more impressed we become."

Mickey Fox, Co-Founder and Owner

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