World's Longest and Largest Production Driver

Illegally Long - Illegally Large

The FIVE FOOT BIG STIK™ is the longest production driver in the world! It is longer than all the brand name drivers...and is even longer than the tricked-out drivers used by the long drive champions!

We have also made drivers as long as 30-Feet for trick shot performers like Peter Jöhncke, known as, "The Trick Shot Master" (pictured at the bottom of this page). But those are unique custom drivers. The 5-Foot BIG STIK is a production driver available to everyone...the longest production driver in the world.

At 60 inches long (153cm), the club-head speed at the end of that arc can be amazing. It can hit farther than anything you have ever swung! The ball flys out of sight and it is LOUD! Everyone will stop to watch...and will want to take a few swings!!!

World's Largest Head - Illegally Large

The largest heads allowed by USGA Rules are 460cc's. The 5-Foot BIG STIK has a HUGE head nearly DOUBLE THE LEGAL SIZE...the largest production head in the world!

Thanks to aerospace technology, we have been able to make this giant head and keep the weight the same as 460cc heads...just 200 grams. This keeps the swing-weight of the extra-long shaft manageable so you can hit towering loooooong drives.

World's Longest Driver

World's Longest Driver

If you have never hit a 400 yard drive, this is your chance! We're not saying everyone can do that. But we do guarantee that you can hit the ball FARTHER than with a conventional driver or your money back!

It is an awesome experience to hit the ball so far. Obviously, it isn't as easy to control as a normal driver. For that reason, we recommend that you DO NOT hit it on a parallel or tight fairway lined with houses or next to a road. The golfer is responsible for damage!

Why would anyone want an illegal club like this?

This club is not for the timid or shy.

It does not conform to USGA Rules, so you can't use it in a governed tournament. And most people will not be able to control it enough to use during a regular round of golf.

But if you like to stand out in a crowd and show off once in a while, then this club is for you. Or, if you are looking for a gift for the golfer who "thinks" he has everything, the BIG STIK is something he doesn't have!

Also, the world's longest driver is not for golfers on a limited budget. Sorry if that's not politically-correct. But this is a unique club for unique people, and it costs more than other drivers with an MSRP of $499! We are offering a $100 discount in September.

Many customers lean them up against the wall in their office as conversation starters. Golfers can't help but ask about it, and want to touch it. (Warning: You should probably move breakable items out of the way!)

Most of these Big Stik drivers are purchased as exhibition clubs for charity golf outings where everyone gets to hit it on one of the holes. More about that here.

Great gift for the man who thinks he has everything!

"My husband loves golf, is the best golfer at our club, watches the Golf Channel every day, reads Golf Digest and Golf Magazine, and knows everything there is to know about golf. I have never been able to surprise him...until now...until I got him the 5-Foot Big Stik for his birthday. You should have seen the look on his face when he unwrapped the package. I could tell that he was thinking nothing could surprise him. But it blew him away. He called his buddies and went to the driving range that afternoon. He came back with the biggest grin I've ever seen. He said he hit the longest shots of his life...even hitting it out the end of the driving range! He said all the other golfers came over and gathered around to watch and take their turn swinging his Big Stik. His friends are so jealous. He is going to keep it in his office to start golf conversations...his favorite topic! Thank you for helping me surprise him with something he never saw coming!"

Bonnie Lazara, California


Click here to read an article about this monster driver in Golf Inc. Magazine.


Telescopic Shaft

DivnickGolf's specialty is telescopic shafts which we've been shipping around the world since 1992. We use the same proprietary technology for the BIG STIK. When extended, the rock-solid carbon steel shaft performs like a one-piece shaft. There is no rattle, no is absolutely solid. When collapsed, it is only 35 inches (89 cm), so it easily fits in your cart-bag, travel bag, or car. Click here to read about our lifetime guarantee.

Regular Length BIG STIK Drivers

If you would like to get one of these unique drivers on a normal-length graphite shaft so you can bomb long drives with this huge head but have enough control to use it during a regular round, we've got you covered! Just let us know what length and flex you want, and we will build it for you.



What does ILLEGAL really mean?

You won't go to jail if you use it! Being illegal refers to the USGA and the R&A (The Royal and Ancient Club) Rules of Golf. The rules state that the maximum length driver can be no more than 48 inches long and the head can't be more than 460cc's in size. Also, the, "Coefficient of Restitution" (COR) also known as "spring effect" can't be greater than 0.830. For your reference, a COR of 1.000 would be perpetual motion...the ball would never stop bouncing. So 0.830 is a pretty impressive number. The COR of this giant head is off the charts. It is illegal in every way. It breaks all the rules. When people see it, they can't help but gasp. And they will just HAVE to swing it!!!

So this club comes with a warning that you can't use it in a tournament that follows the official Rules of Golf. In fact, we don't even recommend it for casual play because it isn't as accurate as a conventional driver. But it is a ton of fun on wide fairways, driving ranges, and special events...especially for golf outing contests and fund raising!

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $499 USD

Special September Discount: Through the end of September , we are offering a $100 discount on this club... just $399 through the end of the month!

Click here or on the Secure Ordering Box to place your order, or call: 1-937-476-1298 (9 am to 9 pm Eastern USA, same as New York Time Zone) or send us an email.

These unique drivers with the giant double-size heads are currently only available as right handed clubs. But we can fit the 5-foot shaft to a left handed 460cc clone head for lefties so you can still experience the joy of the longest shots of your life. Please inquire to discuss lefties.

We also have BIG STIK hats available with the message, "I Carry A Big Stik" and "I Swing A Big Stik". They are $9.95 separately, or $4.95 if purchased with any clubs. Click here to order separately.

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