One-Piece Non-Telescopic Shafts, or Graphite Shafts

From time to time, we are asked if other kinds of shafts can be installed in our Adjustable Club, or if we will sell just the head so customers can install their own preferred shaft. The short answer is no. The following paragraphs describe the reasons.

There are two standard diameters of shafts available in the golf industry. Iron and putter shafts are typically .370” tip diameter. Driver shafts are .335” diameter. Each one delivers the appropriate flex for the significantly different length and weight of irons vs. drivers. Interestingly, a lot of people assume that driver heads are heavier because they are larger, but that is not the case. The driver is, in fact, the lightest club in the bag, and it flexes the most.

Our adjustable head is the size and weight of a 4-iron. That would normally require a .370” shaft to prevent bending or kinking at the end of the hosel. But we designed it to receive a .335” diameter shaft which is necessary in order to achieve the desired final length of the 3-section shaft. In order to make the Adjustable shaft strong enough to withstand the bending force from the 4-iron weight, we also insert a custom machined 4” long carbon steel thin-wall tube in the tip-end to prevent bending.

Said another way, a .370 iron shaft will not fit into the Adjustable hosel, and if you install a non-telescoping .335” shaft, it will be too flexible and will likely bend at the top of the hosel if it is a steel shaft, or break if it is graphite.

A related question we often receive is, “Why don’t we just use a .370 inch diameter iron shaft?” There are three reasons: 1) Because .370” iron shafts are not long enough to cut and telescope to the desired final length which is only 17 inches. 2) Overlapping a .370 shaft would make it too stiff. 3) Grip ends of shafts are .600 inch diameter. There isn't enough differential between .600 and .370 to make three sections.

Our other telescopic clubs are 2-piece shafts and collapse down to 20 to 26 inches, depending on the desired extended length.

While a one-piece driver shaft would be too flexible for our 4-iron head weight, the overlapping sections of our .335” telescopic shaft yields a perfect flex and exceptional performance.

Therefore, installing standard steel or graphite driver shafts will bend or break at the hosel, AND they will be too flexible.

The bottom line is that our shaft is fantastic, as demonstrated by the amazing results of independent robot lab testing compared to traditional name-brand irons. Plainly said, there are no shafts on the planet that will perform better than our 3-piece telescopic shaft. We even have customers who ask us to install them in all the irons in their traditional set…not for portability, but because of their performance.

So we do not offer or recommend one-piece or any other shafts.

If you do not need the telescopic portability, just leave it extended and use it as a full-length club.

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