Comments from DIVNICK Adjustable Golf Club Users

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We know you will want to test the DIVNICK for yourself which is why we have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. But as you are considering a purchase, please take a look at these comments from some of our customers.


Gentleman Gouffers of Gargunnock
  • Six men hiking across Scotland
  • Hitting golf balls with Divnick Adjustable Clubs along the way
  • Over 6,000 strokes
  • Raising money for charity
  • Camping along the way

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"Thank you for making the clubs for me and my friends so quickly.

Here's a picture of us golfing in Cozumel. It's Captain Shawn, my buddy Geritol, and myself.

These adjustable clubs are fantastic! The first time I used it included a little practice on the driving range, then 18 holes. I shot 78 with it!

Since the 4-iron length Divnick's don't hit the ball as far as a longer-shafted driver, we play from the forward tees so we can still reach the greens in regulation. It makes the game fun and I encourage everyone to play it forward!

People at the course couldn't believe it. The pro and starter both hit it, took pics of it and loved it. I am positive you will be getting calls and orders from this."

Thanks again,

Patrick Verner

NOTE FROM STEVE DIVNICK: We really like the idea of "Playing it Forward". We all know that this 4-iron length can't generate as much clubhead speed as a driver, so why not shorten the course by playing the forward tees and give yourself chances to reach the greens in regulation.


Verne Morland , Ohio USA: "On a recent trip to Scotland , I played the famous Royal Troon course with my Divnick Adjustable. I wore my plus-twos (actually German kneebundthosen") and fedora, so attracted quite a bit of attention. My caddie had the easiest day of his life!"

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Adjustable Golf Clubs

Our friends at GolfBoard received the "Best New Product" award at the PGA Show when they introduced the GolfBoard. Inspired by surfing legend Laird Hamilton and the late fitness guru Don Wildman of Bally Total Fitness fame. The GolfBoard is one of the early single-rider entries! We are honored that they selected the Divnick Whole-In-One Adjustable as a companion product to their exciting package.

Said Don Wildman, "This Divnick Whole-In-One adjustable club is the perfect way to maximize the GolfBoard freeriding experience. All you need is a GolfBoard, a few balls, and just one club to have the best and most fun round of golf you have ever played."

Don Wildman passed away in 2018. He was a fitness inspiration on a global scale, an innovator on many levels, and a beloved philanthropist. We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family.

The GolfBoard was one of the first "single rider" devices entering the golf market with the goal of speeding up the game and adding another element of fun. We din't know back then that we would not join that single-rider segment, we would end up leading it with our "Golf Ebikes" being sold all over the world. Ebikes are way less expensive, easier and safer to ride, and offer as much or as little exercise as you want with the pedal-assist motor. Check them out on

Dwain Bertoncello, Washington: "The Divnick exceeded my expectations in every way and I would heartily recommend this club to golfers of all levels and especially those of us who enjoy golfing while traveling." More...


Paul Schneider, Retired Mutual of Omaha Executive: "I just shot a hole in one with my Divnick!"

Please see our tribute
to Paul Schneider who passed away recently. We include a great article about him and his experience with the Whole-In-One golf club in his local paper.


Adjustable Golf Clubs
Kenneth at the Guinness Book of Records Longest Course in the World in the shadow of the Himalayas in China which also has the longest par 5 in the World at 711 yards.

Kenneth Lie, Singapore: "I've had your Whole-In-One club for several years now, and have added your telescopic driver, putter, wedge, and hybrid...and also gotten your BigStik driver and some clubs for friends.

These are amazing clubs. They are well built and very solid. My colleagues are impressed, and they really like the personalization on the Adjustable. My club pro is surprised at how well they hit and that they collapse for travel. I love showing them to friends. Since the Adjustable tucks into a corner of my travel case, I take it with me on all my trips abroad."


Follow-up 6 years after his initial purchase:

Just thought I'd let you know I'm at La Quinta golf resort at Palm Springs California playing golf the next 2 days with my telescopic clubs: TF driver, hybrid, adjustable, sand wedge and mallet putter. I play the Greg Norman course tomorrow and the Dunes course Wednesday. Thanks for making great clubs!

Adjustable Golf Clubs
Kenneth in front of the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt with his Divnick Adjustable.



Hi Steve,

I am writing to let you know that I got my first hole-in-one…and it was with my Divnick All In One Club! I document all my rounds, and this was my 1269th round.

I purchased my first Divnick from you in 2006 and have gotten 7 more telescopic clubs from you since then.

Obviously, I like them, and have appreciated your fast service and communication.

I have played with them on golf courses all over the world from Hawaii to New Zealand, .

Now I’m off to get my next hole in one!

Paul Hughes, Las Vegas


Dr. Galiber compares the DIVNICK Whole-In-One
to the "other" adjustable club!

Adjustable Golf Club in St. Croix


Philip Haszard: "The idea of an adjustable club appealed to me.  I was skeptical about how it might perform, but was very pleased with how solid it is, how easy it is to adjust, and how well it plays. It is also fun to see other golfer's reactions.

We just got back from a trip that included playing at Torrey Pines.  This picture is with my 93 year old dad who had a 0 handicap in his prime. Thanks for a great club."

Adjustable Golf Clubs


Janice Hoover: "I purchased a Divnick as a gift for my husband…who loves it by the way! Then I used it one day and discovered it was a lot more fun than a full set. I can’t believe how well it plays compared to my Ping clubs. It took me a little bit of time to get used to putting with it, but now I putt as well as ever. I love showing it to the rest of the girls in my league.

Every year, we do a family vacation to the Carolina Coast. We never had room for our golf clubs in the past, but now we take our Divnick’s and enjoy a couple rounds during the week. You sure came up with a winner."


"We are LOVING our Divnick clubs. We are having a ton of fun with them here in Hawaii. We get stopped at EVERY course by the locals who want to take a look at the Divnick. If you ever need on on-island dealer, let me know!

Here’s a shot of us last weekend at the local 9-hole Hamakua Country Club in Honoka’a, on the very northern tip of the Big Island."

Mike and Lori Gast


Adjustable Golf Clubs

"On a recent trip, I was able to play on the highest elevation course in Germany. This is a popular destination golf course in Bavaria at the foot of the Alps. I wasn't sure I would be able to play, but took my Divnick Adjustable just in case. When the opportunity presented itself, I was ready! I played very well...even the marshal was impressed. I couldn't take my full set of Titleist clubs on this trip, but I still got to play! Thank you for your wonderful telescopic club."

Michael Martin



Adjustable Golf ClubsUnique Pictures and Videos

We have had reports from customers who have taken their Whole-In-One Golf Club to some very interesting places. Please send us your pictures. We would like to publish more pictures and YouTube videos like the one shown here from Bob Bahr of Vandalia Ohio.

So if you take your club on a trip up Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro, Denali, or Whitney, or to unique places such as the Egyptian Pyramids, Victoria Falls, in a submarine, or on a trip to the moon, please take a picture and we will add it to this section.

Please be safe and eco-friendly. If you can't hit a ball, just take a picture of yourself holding a pose!

Adjustable Golf Clubs



Peter Stacey, PGA Professional in Europe

Adjustable Golf Clubs"I have been a P.G.A registered golf professional since 1971. I have tested every new golf product over the last 27 years. And nothing has excited me as much as the new "DIVNICK™ adjustable golf club". I used this club first on the driving range and then on the golf course, and I soon discovered that it will perform in the same way as the latest HI-TECH golf equipment that I normally use. In fact, this club hits at least 10% further!. I can hit it high or low, short or long, and the " FEEL" is perfect. With one club I can play "PAR" golf. I like the fact that the " DIVNICK™ adjustable golf club" is so portable it even fits in my briefcase, so that golf is instantly available anytime, anyplace The "DIVNICK™ adjustable golf club" is also a "DUAL PURPOSE" instrument, because it can be used for training and in actual play. And it is perfect for established golf players, or beginners who want to try our great game without buying an expensive full set of golf equipment. As a qualified English and European P.G.A. golf professional I recommend this club to you without hesitation, and I wish you many years of happy golfing."

Best personal regards,
Peter Stacey.


Great for Motorcyclists, Bicyclists, Smart Cars, Sports Cars, and Private Pilots

“I was excited to find your club on YouTube, but had my doubts about how good a club with moving parts could be. After about a year of research, I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy it.

"I was pleasantly surprised my first time golfing with it. It is solid and accurate, and I like the one-length concept which seems to be helping my game. I even like how it putts. It is fun to use. I am eager to show my friends so we can ride and play together.

"By the way, your customer service and communication is great.”

Eric Thumm, Florida
Harley FXBR


“We live in The UK. I purchased the 3-Club Set for my husband who rides a motorcycle. He loves golf, but hasn't been able to take his clubs with him on his bike. So when I saw these clubs, I thought they would be perfect for him.

"HE LOVES THEM! They have given him the freedom to go on his motorcycle and play where he likes which is what he has wanted to do for so long. Your fast shipping and communication has been great. Can't thank you enough.”

Alexia and Michael Tough

Adjustable Golf Clubs




Note from Steve Divnick: If you ride a motorcycle and play golf, you are among friends. Until these clubs, it has always been difficult, if not impossible to put these two activities together. Now you can ride your bike to your favorite course, or take a long trip anywhere with a round or two of golf included. You can use the single Whole-In-One Telescopic Adjustable Club, or take our 3-Club Set which includes a Tee & Fairway Driver, the Adjustable for all the iron shots, and a Putter...all telescopic.

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The "Tour of Ireland Charity Cycle Event" featured 3 men who rode their bikes over 1,200 miles around Ireland and played golf at many of the famous courses to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Research.

Courses and holes were chosen by Darren Clarke, PGA Professional and European Tour Champion.

Participants were Neil McConkey, Stephen Galway and John McKirgan.

Adjustable Golf Clubs

Adjustable Golf Clubs Adjustable Golf Clubs



I wanted to give you a report of using my 5 Divnick Telescopic clubs on my recent trip to the UK including England and Scotland. First, the clubs felt great.

While I understand that some of your customers prefer the 3 club travel set of the T&F Driver, Adjustable, and Putter, I like my 5 clubs which are a T&F Driver, 7 Wood, 6 Hybrid, 8 Hybrid and Whole-in-one Adjustable. They collapse down to 19 to 26 inches and easily fit into my 29 inch roller duffel bag which saves a lot of money because I don’t have to pay extra baggage fees.

The T&F Driver gives me good, consistent drives off the tee and the 7 Wood is great on the fairway for longer holes. The 6 and 8 Hybrids hit solid approach shots and are good off the tee on short holes. I use the Whole-in-One Adjustable as a utility club covering all lofts from 9 iron to Putter. Putting with the Whole-in-One club requires an initial adjustment and I find it to be a great putter on long putts.

Golfers that see me on the course are impressed with the build quality of my telescopic clubs and think they are a great idea! I look forward to using these clubs on many golf trips in the future.

I would like to thank you again for the great customer service and providing me with such great clubs.

Jeffrey Jenkins



Presentation to PGA Industry - 2019 - by Steve Divnick

I attended the PGA Golf Convention in Orlando Florida in January of 2019 and got to meet with a lot of people in the golf industry I've become acquainted with over the years.

I was invited to speak to the golf industry leaders about how my telescopic clubs can lead to more rounds played. The golf industry is experiencing a persistent decline with many course closures and the overall industry losses. They are desperately trying to appeal to younger golfers to replace the aging Baby Boomers. Our clubs can help get more people out on the course in a number of ways. I focused on four areas: golfers who travel, seniors, the convenience of playing a quick 9 holes and its appeal to younger people, and conducting 1-club tournaments using the Divnick Whole-In-One Adjustable club.

  1. Golfers who travel by air are leaving their full sets at home because of how expensive it is to pay the bag fees or to ship their clubs ahead. Our telescopic clubs travel free...inside the first checked bag.
  2. Many seniors want to walk the course to get exercise, but carrying or dragging a full bag of clubs is too difficult. Some of our senior customers have provided testimonies about how our clubs have brought them back to the game and even extended their life!
  3. One of the things the golf industry recognizes is that many people don't have time to play 18 holes. They are encouraging courses to offer 9-hole rounds. I was also able to highlight how fun and convenient it is to play 9 holes with a single adjustable loft club...and the benefits of keeping it in your car for that quick round.
  4. One-Club tournaments will attract all golfers, and especially younger golfers who will appreciate the convenience of a single club with a transmission in the head. I encouraged them to organize the events without an emphasis on the USGA Rules that are important for tour players, but not as important when the goal is to have fun in a more social event. Rather, I encouraged them to adopt player-friendly rules such as playing the ball "up" (lift, clean, and place) in the fairway AND rough, only penalizing a stroke for lost balls but not having to go back to the tee, a maximum score of 2 over par for the 1-club tournament, and using the forward tees since the Adjustable 4-iron length club can't hit as far as a driver.

I also had time to "walk the floor" of the convention.

I carried one of my Telescopic Adjustable Clubs in one hand (collapsed) and the “World's Longest Driver” in the other (fully extended). At 5 feet long and a head that is nearly double the size of a conventional driver, it attracted a lot of attention.

People constantly stopped me and wanted to see what it felt like. Some of them cleared the isle and took full swings. Of course, that attention is exactly why I carried it. It took all day to walk the convention floor with over 1,000 exhibitors from around the world.

One of the people who stopped me and took a few swings was Chi Chi Rodríguez, 83 year old member of the World Golf Hall of Fame. Chi Chi is known as one of the all-time entertaining characters of golf. As he took the driver, he said, “This giant club makes me feel like a small boy, not the big man that I really am!” He's 5'7”.

I asked him if I could take a picture with him holding the driver and the Adjustable. He said, “You just want to get a free endorsement don't you?” I replied, “Absolutely, I would love to have a picture of you holding these clubs on my website.” He answered, ”Well, I can't do that because of my endorsement contracts, but I'll sure take a picture with you!”



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