Whole-In-One Adjustable Rep Program

Earn the entire cost back just by showing it to your friends and people you meet on the course!

Most of our sales are a result of satisfied customers telling their friends and demonstrating it on the course (it's a great way to pay for your green's fees!). For every new golf club customer that you refer to us during the first year, we will send you a $25 rebate! It is our way of saying thank you for spreading the word. Just ask them to type your name in the Comment Box when they place their order.

Reseller Rep Program

If you want to earn even more money and don't mind inventorying some clubs, the Reseller Rep Program might be just what you are looking for.

The Adjustable Clubs primarily sell to a unique golf clientele that include some of the following characteristics:

As a Rep, it is possible to focus one's attention on any or all of these groups.

Casual Demo Sales

Many of our customers become “casual” resellers. They purchase the clubs a dozen at a time, keep them in their trunk, and sell them to the people they meet at golf courses who notice them playing with one club. As an example, a 75 year old lady in Florida has sold 30+ clubs this way. She is the type of person who has never met a stranger, and she engages people on the course in conversation easily. She lets them hit a ball with her club adjusted to the 7-iron (the best loft for a test shot), and then says, "I like them so well I have some in my trunk, and I can sell a club and bag to you at the same price as the manufacturer…"

Pro Shops and Stores

We have not targeted golf shops because they normally like to sell traditional clubs and sets. To be sure, we receive orders from golf stores, but it is usually as a result of a customer specifically walking in and asking the store if they can boy one from them.  Of course, with today's technology, most of those people do a web search and come to us directly, so that kind of pro-shop order isn't common.

Adjustable Golf ClubsLogo Sales

Logo sales are the most fun…and can be the most productive. For instance, I walked into the world headquarters of NCR Corporation a few years ago with an Adjustable club with their logo under a Polydome in my brief case.  In other words, when I make a presentation, I like to have the corporate logo in the club. It is easy to copy logos off a website, and it is easy to make the polydome. We have a kit for that so Reps can do the same thing. I stopped at the NCR reception desk, opened my brief case, snapped the club open, handed it to the person behind the desk, and said, "I'd like to show this to the person in charge of corporate logo gifts." The receptionist let out a "WOW," stepped back, and started taking practice swings and making loft adjustments with more loud exclamations. The rest was simple.

Within a minute, various company officers started coming out of their office to see what the commotion was all about. They took turns handling the club, adjusting it, and taking full swings.  I never made it past the reception desk…people just kept coming there until there were several men and women taking the club from each other. All I had to do was answer easy questions. By the time that first “meeting” was over, I had an order for 100 clubs with their logo in the cavity so they could give them to their valuable clients and vendors around the world.  I have sold over 1,000 to NCR since that day, and many of the people and companies they have given clubs to have also ordered for their companies with their logos. 

"I have never seen such enthusiasm for a gift or incentive item as your club."

Ron Marweg, NCR Corporation

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Not every sale presentation ends up that successful, but for every large company like NCR, there are many small companies in every city that will purchase 1 or 2, or a couple dozen.  Plumbers, machine shops, realtors, insurance offices, dentists, doctors, banks, and on and on. They give the clubs to retiring employees, valuable customers, or offer them as sales incentives. 

In other words, this unique club is NOT best sold at golf pro shops.  The easiest way to sell them, other than the casual natural demo on the golf course, is to walk in the door of a company, snap it open, and hand it to the first person you see.  The rest of the sales process happens quite naturally.  The club does most of the talking!

Tax Deductions

Reps are independent which means that they do not work for us, and can get all the tax deduction benefits of owning a small business. It is even possible to deduct one's golf expenses if legitimately tied to sales efforts. If nothing else, it is great to sell a club while playing golf, and making more money than your greens fees!!! By all means, consult with your tax advisor regarding deductions and expenses.

Sample Policy

If you have not yet purchased and tested the club for yourself, we encourage you to take that step.  Of course, we do not send out free samples, or single clubs at the Rep price. Our policy on “samples” is that you may purchase a club or two at the current retail price (or at the special price that is available this month).  Then, if you become a Rep with a wholesale purchase within 30 days of receipt of the sample club(s), we will include an additional discount which effectively reduces the cost of the sample(s) to the wholesale price.  This policy protects our Reps from other people getting wholesale pricing merely by expressing an interest in the Rep program. 

If you are interested in this kind of Rep program, please contact me for more information and pricing.

Steve Divnick, President

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