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Last Updated : June 21, 2021


We normally ship within one business day, but the combination of the surge in golf popularity and the supply chain systems being overloaded has caught up with us. We are now out of RIGHT HANDED Adjustable Club inventory, and the foundry shipment we should have had by now is delayed until the week of June 28. Many of our customers order our telescopic clubs specifically for an upcoming trip, so I know this delay can be a big disappointment. We do have LEFTIES!

We will ship in the order in which the orders are placed. But we will not process your credit card until we are ready to ship.

If you prefer not to order now but be notified when we have inventory, we will gladly do that after we ship to those who have placed orders. Just send “Please notify me when Adjustable Clubs are available” to We will assume right handed unless you specify otherwise.

Again, I apologize for this significant delay, and greatly appreciate your patience.


The Whole-In-One Adjustable Telescopic Clubs normally costs $249 plus shipping.

Special June Discount: Through the end of this month, you can get a Whole-In-One Adjustable Club for $199 which is $50 off the normal $249 price. And if you purchase 2 or more adjustable loft clubs, you can get them for $179 each, a $70 DISCOUNT PER CLUB! If you order 3 or more of ANY of our telescopic clubs this month, get an ADDITIONAL 10% discount on the entire product total! This is a great time to add a Tee & Fairway Driver and Telescopic Putter! Read more about this popular "3-Club Set" here.

****These special prices expire at midnight on the last day of June****

Belt Bag Notice: You might have seen the "Belt Bag" in some of the videos and other pictures. They are not available at this time, but we expect to receive a shipment and have them available again in mid-to-late March. You can see a picture and description here. If you would like to be notified when the belt bags are available, please let us know in the Comment Box when you check out, or by sending an email to


Earn the entire cost back just by showing it to your friends and people you meet on the course!

Most of our sales are a result of satisfied customers telling their friends and demonstrating it on the course (it's a great way to pay for your green's fees!). For every new golf club customer that you refer to us during the first year, we will send you a $25 rebate! It is our way of saying thank you for spreading the word. Just ask them to type your name in the Referral Box when they place their order.


Option Descriptions


Left-Hand Available Too

Are you a Leftie? We haven't forgotten you. Click here to order your left-handed Whole-In-One today!

Adjustable Golf Clubs

Gift Certificates

You may purchase a Gift Certificate that will allow the recipient to place the order with us at a later time. All you need to do is place the order and let us know you would like a printable gift certificate sent to you that you can print. Or, we would be happy to print it and mail it to you. Gift Certificates are valid for a full year.


Be sure to review the operating instructions on the website as they are more detailed than the quick-reference guide that comes with the club.

International Import Costs - Be Prepared

If you are outside the USA, your country might charge import duty, customs fees, and/or taxes, and they often require a brokerage agency to collect and process those fees which also charges for their services. We do not include these fees in our prices. We only collect the cost of the goods and the shipping. You are responsible for any fees related to importing into your country just as we are responsible for any export fees out of the USA. We cannot estimate import costs, but you should be able to find an applicable page on your government's website. For instance, in Canada, it is In the United Kingdom, it is In most countries, you have the option of handling your own "brokerage" which will be explained on your applicable government website. But all shipping companies have professional brokerage firms available that will gladly process the government documents and fees for you...and charge you for that service of course. They will bill you for that, or collect it at the time of delivery.

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