Gift and Prize Program

Many people ask about whether or not we provide Whole-In-One Adjustable Golf Clubs for gifts or awards at golf tournaments. We don't give them away, but we do offer them at half price as described below.

But if you want to raise money at a charity golf outing, we have a club that is designed specifically for that. It is "The World's Longest Driver Contest" shown next.

World's Longest Driver

When we say "Big Stik" we mean really BIG STIK! It is 5-Feet long and has a massive DOUBLE SIZE head! It can hit the ball out of sight! Of course, it is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL!

Designed for Outing Fund Raising...and the golfer who "thinks" he has everything!

Click here to read more about this unique exhibition driver.

If you participate in any charity golf outings, we have a turn-key package that easily raises over $1,000 using this club on one of the holes where everyone gets to try it. Click here to read about the fund-raising program.


World's Longest Driver

If you still want to pursue getting a Whole-In-One Adjustable/Telescopic club, please review the following information.

You can offer them as awards, silent auctions, or raffle them off. They can include a Polydome logo of the charity or of a sponsor that provides them.

Since you will not necessarily know who is going to receive the club, we recommend the 38.5" right handed model. Then if a person who is less than 5'8" tall gets the club, they can exchange it for a 37" at no charge. They can also exchange it for a left handed club.

Half Price

If you provide us with the following information and qualify for this special program, you can purchase one or more clubs for this purpose for half price. In other words, the normal $249 drops to $124.50. The Polydome is $25 with a charity or corporate logo. We will waive the additional fee and set-up charge for a logo.

Please Fax (1-801-820-3150) or mail the following information to DivnickGolf, Attn: Fund Raising, 321 Alexandersville Road , Miamisburg Ohio 45342 USA .

1) The request must be on corporate or charity letterhead

2) Include a link to the charity website.

3) Include the day of the event, the location, and the charity contact person's name, email, and phone for that facility.

4) Include the number of Clubs and Polydomes you are requesting at this special pricing.

5) Please describe how you will use them (gifts, awards, raffles, auctions, ???)

6) The request must include the signature of an officer or other authorized person who is listed on the letterhead or on the organization or company website.

Please begin this process at least two weeks prior to your event.

If you have preliminary questions about this process, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Steve Divnick, President

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