Testimonies Comparing the Divnick Whole-In-One Adjustable to the Universal Club

We have a lot of customers who began with a Universal because it is less cost. But after tying to use it for a while, they purchase a Divnick and put their Universal up for sale on ebay. This page contains two testimonies from these customers for your consideration.

Dr. Galiber, St. Croix

Adjustable Golf Clubs

I have only used the Universal club about 2 or 3 times in the 4 or 5 years that I have had it. I found that lining up 3 arrows and numbers to be time consuming and confusing. I never felt comfortable that I dialed in the correct loft. This ended up throwing my timing off because I started rushing.

In terms of performance, the Universal did not give me consistent results, especially with the lower lofts, and was therefore not useful for the longer shots.

The Divnick club is very easy to adjust. In fact the club probably shortens the round of golf by at least 20 minutes, if not more.

I now use it all the time.

Dr. Galiber

Jack Meagher

Dear Mr. Divnick;

I am writing to give you feedback on the use of my newly purchased Divnick as compared to the Universal Club I have used for the past 3 years. 

The main reason for choosing the Universal Club 3 years ago was its lower cost.   It certainly served me well, but in coming back to look at the Divnick recently and reading the comparisons, the engineer in me took over and I decided to order the Divnick.  I am very glad I did and will detail those reasons below. 

I was very impressed when I received the club and opened the package.  The craftsmanship is evident immediately.  The mechanism to rotate the club head is much easier to use and feels much more natural.  The shape of the club head is more pleasing and as it turns out, more functional.  The option to have my name on the club is a nice touch as well.  The bag to hold the balls and tees has also worked out very well. 

So, how does the Divnick compare to the Universal club out on the course? 

In all my years playing golf, I have not had a single round where I felt comfortable all the way through and came away pleased with my play. But my second round with the Divnick was the first time I had hit consistent straight drives off the tee for an entire round.  They sound and feel much better than anything previously. 

My middle game, which had been my weak point previously, improved as well.  The shape of the club head allows me to make better contact.  The flat bottom edge and flat face on the bottom of the Universal Club, made it difficult to pick the ball off the turf.  Too many shots either dug into the turf or I over-compensated and would top the ball.

The Divnick gives me much better results because the shape of the club allows me to develop more confidence in contacting the ball. 

My pitching game is the most improved.  I can now obtain loft on the ball that I had not accomplished with any consistency before because the sole of the Universal and the adjusting mechanism hit the ground before it contacted the ball.

I have also developed more consistency in my putting game, again due to the design of the Divnick.  The two lines engraved on the back of the club have made it much easier to line up. 

I also had a problem with the Universal shaft breaking loose and rotating during contact, and the Divnick doesn’t do that. It is as solid as a rock.

As much as I enjoyed playing with the Universal Club all those years, the Divnick has clearly surpassed all expectations.  I look forward to many years of enjoyment using this club.

One footnote, over the last year of using the Universal Club, I began to take along a driving iron and a putter.  Now that I have the Divnick, I am back playing with the nickname everyone had given me previously - "One Club".

Thank you for designing and manufacturing a high quality club that any recreational (or seasoned veteran from time to time) will enjoy.


Jack Meagher


I had the Universal Club for two years and used it to play a par 3 course every weekend. The bolt which held the head of the club on snapped twice. The first time I had to put a small carriage bolt in and shave the head of the bolt down a bit. The second time, a few pieces went missing, so I bought a new universal club. Then its bolt broke.

That's when I purchased the Divnick. This has held up really well and is quicker to adjust, which means the rounds go a little faster because I'm not fiddling with the lofts.

Thanks again!

Robert O'Connell


I have traveled with a Super Stick for many years, although I found it rather unforgiving. I purchased your club for its cavity back design and tested them side by side. When hit perfectly from the tee, they both seem to reach about the same distance. But in any other circumstance, especially on the fairway, the Divnick feels better, gets the ball higher and is much more accurate. I also bought your telescopic T&F Driver: It really surprised me with constantly straight shots only 25 yards shorter than my best driver. Although smaller, it is very accurate, reliable...and sounds nice too.

Dr. Laurent Berlasse

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