About the Company

Divnick International Inc, and its related companies, are as varied as the inventions themselves. People often ask how these diverse product lines are related. The answer is that they are connected by the interests of Steve Divnick.

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Following is a list of the Divnick International family of companies and product lines.

Spiral Wishing Wells

Over $1 billion has been raised around the world for various charities, museums, zoos, and other organizations in these amazing coin funnels.

Vortx Miniature Wishing Well Toy

The miniature Vortx model is a popular gift shop toy. It is "interactive" so you can make the coins climb back up the funnel.

Adjustable "Whole-In-One" Club

Play the whole game with just one club. The transmission adjusts to all the traditional lofts, plus half-lofts. you can also include your name or corporate logo.

Telescopic Drivers, Putters, and other clubs

We make telescopic drivers, putters, and and a full line of travel clubs.

The World's Longest & Largest Driver

This completely illegal driver is longer and larger than the legal limit. We designed it as an exhibition club for fund raising at charity golf outings where everyone gets a chance to hit it. It can also be purchased for the golfer who "thinks" he has everything...but doesn't! Check it out. Let your charity contacts know about it.

BIG STIK Titanium Drivers and Fairway Woods

Introduced at the Annual PGA Show, these drivers are unique in the industry. With high loft choices of 13 and 15 degrees, they have the forgiveness of a 3-wood with the distance of a driver. "Every drive runs like a draw!"

Voxwire Online Voice Conferencing Systems

Unlimited global calling and web-conferencing! Clearer voice than the telephone. Show pictures, documents, and graphs while you talk. One-on-one, small groups, or up to 1,000 at a time in large meetings. Designed for business, institutions, local governments, and personal use, Voxwire became one of the premier online meeting room providers in the world. Divnick recently sold Voxwire to a large telecommunications company. After creating the company and developing it into a global service, Divnick sold Voxwire to a large telecommunications company in New York.


iBizGrams - Professional Graphic Topical ecards

We created iBizGrams.com to send digital business-class ecards on motivation, appreciation, announcements, congratulations, and teamwork. After operating it for 5 years, we sold it to a major company that has blended it into their offering of ecards. Click here to send business class ecards.

Houseboat and Yacht Boat Lifts

These unique boat lifts offer many benefits not found on other boat lifts. They operate straight up and down and are completely out of the water when up. Also, your ski boat, wakeboard boat, or fishing boat can be loaded backwards if you need to work on the engine, prop, or outdrive. Because the entire device is hidden within the platform, no one will know how you got your boat up there!!!

PWC Rails

We have created two styles of innovative after-market PWC Rails for houseboats, yachts, private docks and piers. These include Ride-On-Self-Leveling models that would make James Bond jealous, and Winch-Up models that mount on swim platforms and tilt up when not in use so the entire swim platform is avaialble for use. Click here to see pictures and descriptions.

(PWC is short for "Personal Water Craft" such as Seadoos, Yamaha Waverunners, Polaris, Kawasaki, and other Jetskis)

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