POSTED: July 19, 2018

High Loft 3-Wood, 17 degrees

The Little Dick and Little Jane names were first introduced as companion clubs to our Big Dick and Big Jane drivers which were the catchy names we used to introduce our drivers. While thousands of people have purchased and love their "Big Dick's" and the joking around that follows, we later changed the name to Big Stik to appeal to the broader market. At that time, we also added Little Stik's as our primary 3-wood brand name.

To focus on our drivers, we later discontinued the 3-wood line and quickly sold out of the Little Stik's and Little Jane's. We have some 17 degree Little Dick's remaining which we are offering on a close-out basis for a $150 discount off the normal $249 price, dropping the price to $99. These are titanium heads, not the typical stainless steel that is used for 3-wood heads, and high performance Flexcelerator™ graphite shafts. Right hand only.

General Information:

Three wood lofts are typically about 14 or 15 degrees and are very difficult for the average golfer to use because the ball is resting on the grass, and sometimes buried deep within it. So the 3-wood shot requires a much more precise contact to get the ball airborne on a productive trajectory. Just like traditional drivers, normal 3-woods are designed for pros who have perfect swings and timing. No wonder it is so difficult for the rest of us to use them with consistent results.

Our 17 degree High Loft titanium 3-woods solve that problem.

Traditional equipment makers have always tried to lower the center of gravity to help get the ball airborne. But that isn't nearly as effective as greater loft.

The High Loft 3-woods make it much easier to launch the ball into the air. It is a wonderful bonus that it flies so far and with a much tighter shot pattern than other clubs. Greater accuracy is very important for a 3-Wood because you want to land the ball on the green or in the best spot for your approach shot.

We are often asked, "How come your 17-degree 3-woods hit farther than my 15-degree 3-wood? That doesn't make sense. A lower loft should always hit farther."

The answer is in the trajectory. In an article by Tom Wishon,'s Technical Advisor, he properly observes that you only get more distance if you get the ball up in the air so it can fly. If you struggle to get the ball nice and high, it will get tied up in the grass much sooner and reduce distance. Our High Loft 3-woods make it easy to get the ball up where it can soar. So many people will hit it farther than a traditional 3-wood. And more importantly than that, they will get solid contact more consistently and avoid those duffs, mis-hits, and handicap-inflating strokes.

"The High Loft 3-Wood Has Restored My Confidence."

"I have had varying success with my 3-wood in my 45 years of golfing. I've been carrying a Callaway Big Bertha 3-wood but I simply cannot get it up in the air very well. The Little Stik has really restored my confidence. I am able to hit good shots off the fairway or from tall grass. The Little Stik easily produces better shots than the Callaway Big Bertha 3-wood."

Mike Rose, Lifetime Golfer

Blew-By-U, Launch Monitor Service Company

"Your High Loft 3-Woods are easy to hit and very accurate."

Mickey Fox, Co-Founder of Blew-By-U



Close-out Discount Prices

Little Dick's are reduced from $249 down to $99 while they last, plus an additional 10% discount if you purchase 3 or more clubs.

They are available only as right handed with 17 degree lofts.


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