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Our first, and still the most popular club, is the “Divnick Whole-In-One Adjustable Loft Telescopic Club”. It has 34 lofts within the playable range, including half lofts. So it has more than twice as many lofts as a traditional full set of clubs. It includes 4 putter lofts, 8 wedges, and everything in between. You can play the whole game with just one club, without lugging a bag around with you. And it is great for travel, cyclists, retirees, or anyone wanting to walk the course but not drag a bag around with them.

We patented and introduced it in 1992 and have sold thousands of them all over the world. From the beginning, we explained that the Divnick Adjustable can't do everything as well as the specialized “tools” that make up a full set with their varying lengths, weights, and shapes. In fact, we have a page describing its disadvantages. In a nutshell, it is the shape, weight, and length of a 4-iron. So it doesn't generate as much club-head speed as a longer-shafted driver, and it doesn't feel or look like a conventional putter. Since we already had perfected the telescopic shaft, it was logical to add telescopic drivers and putters for those who want to bomb it off the tee and have the look and feel of a conventional putter. We have since added telescopic wedges, and hybrids as standard options. In fact, we produce telescopic shafts on ANY heads our customers want!

Our proprietary shafts are rock-solid when extended for play, with the same performance as traditional one-piece shafts. When collapsed, they fit into your bag beside your clothes which saves a lot of money because you don't have to pay for an additional checked golf bag. Our clubs FLY FREE!

Many customers get 3-Club-Sets which include a Telescopic Driver, Telescopic Putter, and the Adjustable Loft club. This has become very popular for golfers who don't want to give up anything off the tee or on the green, and still have the portability of the telescopic shafts.

We have even produced exhibition clubs for trick shot performers that include a 30-foot long driver and clubs with multiple heads. That led us to create a telescopic 5-foot long driver with a giant DOUBLE-SIZE head that can generate more club head speed than the pros and long-drive champions. The 5-Foot Big Stik can hit the ball a "country mile "...but without the control of conventional-length drivers! Of course, these drivers are completely illegal according to the USGA! But they make a great gift for the golfer who "thinks" he has everything...and they are an exciting exhibition club for fund raising at golf outings. They are, "The World's Longest Production Drivers!"

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